Wadurst Brass Band providing music education

I have started to conduct Wadhurst Brass Band's training band, taking my first rehearsal last night.

Good friend and fellow trombonist / conductor David Healy asked me a few months ago I knew anyone who could help him out by conducting Wadhurst's Training Brass Band. Given that one of the reasons that I have gone freelance is to give myself the flexibility and time to support grassroots music making - so I've taken them on myself.
This is a band that is taking on the responsibility for music education that used to be the role of local authorities and a national education system. Already, after just one rehearsal, I can see that these players (of all ages) have already been trained very well - a whole new cohort of musicians has been given a chance to learn a brass instrument.

More details and information on how to start can be found on their website

Well done Wadhurst Brass Band!