Mike Kent-Davies Performer


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Big Band
I am an experienced Big Band bass trombonist and often lead bands from the bass trombone.
I can provide easy listening solo jazz trombone performances with backing tracks. My repertoire is currently around 100 songs at the moment. I can often find a new song if you have a specific request.
I am an experienced orchestral trombonist, usually playing bass trombone.


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I can accompany for grade exams and auditions.

Please be aware that piano accompaniments are often considerably more difficult than the solo part and need sufficient time to be prepared properly.
We've loved listening to you in the afternoons; thank you.
  • Set Up
    • Please give me at least 30 minutes to set up
    • For jazz gigs I will need an electric socket near where you want me to perform.
  • Timing
    • I usually perform two 30 - 40 minute sets with a break in between.
  • Refreshments
    • Whatever time I am playing, I will need something to drink.
    • A glass of water in each set will usually get me through.
  • Insurance
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    • Public Liability insurance is provided by my union.