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  • These words are a transcription of the eulogy I gave at Lisa's funeral.

    Lisa was a person who seemed to touch the heart of everyone who met her, however briefly.
    As a musician, teacher and friend, she has left a lasting imprint in the memories of a very large number of people, enriching many lives, not least of those being mine.
    These are comments I’ve had from friends, colleagues and pupils in the last few weeks.

    • She had time for everybody.
    • I learned a lot from her, particularly in the teaching of singing, which despite her modesty, she was so talented at.
    • She was always positive, chirpy, encouraging, determined and dedicated; yet I particularly remember her sense of humour and fun.
    • The memories of such a wonderful person will never dim.
    • Lisa was a kind and thoughtful neighbour.
    • A caring and committed teacher, someone who worked tirelessly and sympathetically for the benefit of her pupils.
    • Our children both benefited from Lisa’s great teaching and musical abilities.
    • I admired her relentless encouragement of the children and me.
    • Lisa was unfailingly generous.

    • What a kind friend, a fair, efficient and excellent teacher and brilliant musician.
    • I learned so much from her amazing ability to organise and make even the greatest ambitions manageable.
    • Lisa was a warm, inspired and appreciated teacher.
    • We could never have wished for a better or more caring friend.
    • We remember and savour Lisa’s happiness, sense of fun and down to earth brisk common sense.
    • Lisa was a lovely talented young woman who will be missed by many.
    • She was so full of life and dedicated to her job; I am sure many children have a lot to thank her for over the years.
    • Lisa was a very special teacher, colleague and friend.
    • Her drive to achieve high standards strengthened our schools musical tradition and ethos.
    • We all have many happy memories of the tours and concerts and events.
    • She was such a sweet, lovely person. Her musical talent gave us all such pleasure and she was a loyal friend
    • I have many happy memories of her. She was always smiling and made everyone around her smile as well.
    • A lively person with great charisma.
    • Now she must rest always in your heart as you always did in hers.

  • Lisa always said that her Mum and Dad were the best parents that any one could ask for. I know that she was very proud of both of them and that the feeling was mutual. Maureen said that Lisa was the perfect daughter, and I can believe this to be literally true. Lisa was devastated when Graham died, but still managed to be a rock for Maureen.
    The first time I saw Lisa was in Stourbridge Town Hall, where we were both preparing our own choirs for a concert. I saw instantly her great competence and the wonderful relationship she had with her pupils.
    Lisa was so motivated and dedicated that I suppose it’s not a surprise that it was her ability as a teacher that attracted me too her. When I asked Lisa to marry me and she said yes, it was one of the best moments of my life.
    However, I do remember standing here, watching Lisa walk down the aisle – I was incredibly proud and realised just how much I loved her.
    It wasn’t until the terrible morning I heard that she’d died, that I realised how much our love had grown in the years that we’d been married.

  • I was so proud of her that many people who never met her have said that they felt they knew her because I spoke so frequently about her.
    She was so incredibly hard working and dedicated that life with Lisa was like living with a miniature tornado – she had so much energy and was always buzzing around. If she wasn’t doing schoolwork, she was doing housework, and when she’d finished both she’d persuade me to go off exploring with her. Very often we had to go to garden centres and look at furry animals, weird insects and buy plants for our goldfish – Basil and Number Two.
    Lisa was my partner in so many ways. I would always try to have her by my side at work and play. I only wish I had the time to tell you all the things we did together. What ever I’d done on my own, I’d always look forward to talking to her about it.
    We had always looked forward to our retirement, and the chance to be able to spend our days together, arguing whether we watched Star Trek or Emmerdale, football or the Grand Prix. We often talked about what we’d do together in future years, but now, I’ll have to forget about the plans we had to buy a new house, and holiday in Tenerife and America.

  • We were going to go back to Jamaica in four years for our tenth anniversary.
    Instead, like the rest of you, I’ll have to rely on the wonderful memories I have of her.
    I’m hugely grateful for the time Lisa and I had together.
    Lisa was the love of my life and the best friend any man could ever ask for.
    It seems incredible that such a lively person could be alive no longer.
    In all sorts of ways, Lisa changed my life forever.
    I really hope we all remember the energy, humility and love she has touched all our hearts with and in turn, pass this on to our colleagues, friends, and family.

    Maybe between us, we can not only keep Lisa alive in our memories, but also make the world a more energetic, humble and loving place.

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